Flaxseeds are tiny oily seeds that contain protein, fiber, omega3, and fatty acids. Flaxseed comes from flax plants and is commonly called the world's oldest crop. Flaxseeds are highly beneficial and provide us with a lot of benefits. 

Research shows that adding flaxseed to our diet can provide numerous health benefits as it contains various minerals and nutrients such as magnesium, fiber, iron, etc. Apart from minerals and fibers flaxseeds are also known to contain vitamin E, which is an important vitamin for our body. Vitamin E promotes hair growth and helps build immunity.

Flaxseeds can benefit us in lot many ways as it is very easy to use and add to our diet. Here are some benefits of flaxseed listed below:

  • Flaxseeds may help protect against cancer - Flaxseeds help us to fight against cancer as they are composed of lignans which are plant-based compounds that can influentially help fight cancer. Studies show that lignans are not found in abundance in any other substance as they are in flaxseeds. Research says that flaxseed intake can lower the risk of several types of cancer but these researches are not 100 percent true.
  • Flaxseeds help lower cholesterol levels:  Studies have shown that having 4 tablespoons (30 grams) of flaxseeds every day can help get rid of bad cholesterol by up to 15 percent. Flaxseeds also help maintain blood pressure. This is due to the fiber present in them which binds the salts of bile before they get excreted out of our body. To refill these bile salts, cholesterol is pulled out from your blood into your liver, resulting in lower sugar levels.
  • Flaxseeds help stabilize blood sugar levels:  Flaxseeds are known to control blood sugar levels and help promote blood sugar control. Flaxseeds decrease blood sugar levels and effectively prevent insulin resistance. Flaxseeds might also help someone who has Type-2 diabetes. The right way to use flaxseeds is in the form of small seeds rather than using flaxseed oil, as the oil lacks fiber.
  • Flaxseeds help maintain weight:  Studies have shown that drinking flaxseed water in the morning on an empty stomach can help us digest food easily and prevents the production of unhealthy and excess fat in our body. In other words, it filters the unhealthy toxins out of our bodies which ultimately lowers the risk of obesity.
  • Flaxseeds might help prevent chronic diseases:  Flaxseeds are rich in protective antioxidants called polyphenols. Polyphenols guard our cells and protect them from any sort of damage that could eventually lead to numerous chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease.
  • Tips for consuming flaxseeds: 

When shopping for flaxseeds, go for flax ground seeds over whole ones as the whole ones can pass through our system undigested and no nutrients get absorbed by the blood.

Apart from ground flax seeds you can also grind the seeds and consume them in the form of fine powder. The majority of people consume flaxseeds in the form of flaxseed oil. Just make sure to store the flaxseeds in cool and dry places rather than storing them in hot and humid places.

November 14, 2022 — Tavazo's Blogger