Saharkhiz Saffron Crystal Candies (Stick) 10 Pcs

$10.99 USD


Saharkhiz’s saffron flavored crystal candy sticks. Typically used for tea to sweeten, and add saffron flavor.

Each pack contains 10 saffron rock candy sticks. 

Ingredients: Sugar, Saffron, Water. 

Net Weight: 150 gr.

About Saharkhiz Saffron

Saharkhiz saffron sugar sticks are mainly produced to give sweetness to your tea, coffee, and drinks with an added flavor of saffron. This product is less processed as compared to white sugar as well as it contains 20% lesser calories, it helps in relieving coughs and sore throats with aiding stomach aches. Tavazo provides customers with saffron crystal rock candy sticks that freshen their mouths. Tavazo does not add flavors to its saffron pixie sticks; thus, our customers can fully intake their nutritional benefits.

The packing of this product is quite impressive as it only contains 10 sticks of saffron rock candy. The main ingredients of saffron sugar sticks are saffron, sugar, and water. Tavazo delivers saffron sugar sticks for people who are suffering from diabetes can also consume this stick, as it does not contain any added sugar in it.