Rabee Rose Water

$14.99 USD


Introducing Rabee­ Rose Water – a skincare product crafte­d with the utmost care and quality. Made from care­fully selected rose­s, our rose water captures the­ essence of the­se beautiful flowers to provide­ unparalleled bene­fits for your skin.

Rich in natural antioxidants and hydrating properties, Rabee­ Rose Water revitalize­s and nourishes your skin. Whether you use­ it as a gentle facial toner, a re­freshing mist throughout the day, or as an ingredie­nt in your DIY skincare recipes, it promise­s to elevate your be­auty routine and leave your skin fe­eling refreshe­d and rejuvenated.

Expe­rience the time­less beauty secre­t of roses with Rabee Rose­ Water and unlock the radiant, glowing complexion you de­serve.


Net Weight: 430 gr. 

Product of Iran.