Minakari Vase & Plate Gift Set

$99.99 USD


Minakari Gift Set: Exquisite Hand-Painted Vase and Plate

Elevate your home décor with the timeless elegance of our Minakari Gift Set, featuring a beautifully hand-painted vase and matching plate. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this set showcases the rich heritage of Persian artistry, making it a perfect gift for special occasions or a stunning addition to your own collection.


1. Authentic Craftsmanship:

  • Each piece is painstakingly hand-painted by skilled artisans using traditional Minakari techniques, ensuring every set is a unique work of art.

2. Vibrant Colors and Intricate Designs:

  • The vase and plate are adorned with intricate floral and geometric patterns in a vibrant color palette, creating a mesmerizing visual appeal.

3. High-Quality Materials:

  • Made from premium quality materials, the set is not only beautiful but also durable, ensuring it remains a cherished part of your décor for years to come.

4. Versatile Décor:

  • Perfect for displaying as a centerpiece, on a mantel, or in a showcase, the Minakari vase and plate set adds a touch of elegance and cultural richness to any space.

5. Thoughtful Gift:

  • Packaged in an elegant box, this set makes a thoughtful and memorable gift for weddings, anniversaries, housewarmings, or any special occasion.

Bring the charm of traditional Persian art into your home with our exquisite Minakari Gift Set. Whether for yourself or a loved one, this set promises to be a treasured addition to any collection.