Candied Orange Peels

$14.99 USD


Indulge your sweet taste buds in the irresistible sweetness of our Candied Orange Peels. They are perfectly dipped in luscious orange syrup for an extra burst of flavor, and carefully candied to perfection, preserving their natural sweetness and tanginess. With a chewy texture and vibrant orange color, these orange peels delight the senses with every bite making them a delightful snack or addition to your favorite desserts. Whether enjoyed on their own or used as a garnish for cakes, pastries, or cocktails, they are sure to add a touch of sweetness to any occasion.

Ingredients: Orange peels, Glucose-fructose syrup, Sucrose, Acidity regulator: E330

Key Features:

  • Irresistible Flavor: Candied to perfection for a sweet and tangy taste.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for snacking, baking, cooking, or garnishing desserts and beverages.
  • Preservative-Free: Free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives for pure, natural sweetness.
  • Vitamin C: Contains vitamin C, supporting immune function and promoting healthy skin.
  • Antioxidant Power: Rich in antioxidants that help protect cells from oxidative damage and support overall health.
  • Digestive Health: Aids in digestion and alleviates digestive discomfort.