Cucumber Seeds

$5.99 USD


Enjoy the fresh and crisp taste of our cucumber seeds, perfect for snacking or adding a crunchy texture to your salads. They are carefully sourced from premium cucumbers, ensuring freshness and flavor in every bite. Use them as a source of nutrition or use it for planting. Whether you’re looking for ich in vitamins and minerals, Tavazo’s offers numerous health benefits, including hydration support and immune function.

Ingredients: Cucumber Seeds

Weight: 20g

Key Features:

  • Premium Quality: Sourced from high-quality cucumber seeds.
  • Fresh and Crisp: Adds a crunchy texture to every dish.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal choice for snacking or garnishing salads.
  • Hydration Support: Contains high water content for hydration.
  • Nutrient-Dense: Provides essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Immune Function: Supports a healthy immune system.
  • Digestive Health: Aids in healthy digestion.