Copper & Turquoise Stone Bowl

$199.99 USD


Find the timeless grace of our Handcrafted Copper and Turquoise Bowl, an amazing blend of skill and nature. Gifted hands create each bowl, fusing warm copper with the cool blue-green of real turquoise.

The outside of the bowl is finished in shiny copper that has been polished until it reflects light perfectly, making its natural shine even more brilliant. The design features small pieces of genuine turquoise artistically placed all over the surface, so it looks like a landscape in southwest part of USA – calm and peaceful, with some rusticity here and there.

This bowl can serve many purposes – use it as fruit tray, put potpourri there or just leave empty because you love looking at beautiful things around you. Such items not only show how skilled people can be but also contribute greatly into interior decoration; they bring nobleness into any room where placed.

Get this incredible piece that will remind about human ability to find inspiration in world’s diversity while displaying natural beauty within your living space.