Black Barberry (زرشک آبگیری)

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Add a unique tangy taste to your taste buds with our Natural Black Barberry (زرشک آبگیری), sourced from Iran. These barberries bring rich flavor and versatility to sweet and savory dishes and come in small sizes with a unique tangy taste. The perfect choice for enhancing rice dishes, stews, jams, and desserts. Beyond their superior taste, our Natural Black Barberry has many benefits for digestive wellness, immune-boosting alkaloids, and the bitter elixir for indigestion. And, a great an antioxidant powerhouse that supports your liver and gallbladder, making each bite a flavorful and healthful delight.

Ingredients: Black Barberry

Key Features:

  • Bold Tanginess: Imparts a distinctive tangy taste to dishes.
  • Culinary Versatility: Perfect snack for both sweet and savory recipes.
  • Rich Visual Appeal: Dark purple to blackberries enhance the aesthetic.
  • Digestive Wellness Pioneer: Historical remedy for digestive disorders, indigestion, and heartburn.
  • Immune Boosting Alkaloid: Berberine stimulates white blood cells, fighting infections.
  • Bitter Elixir for Indigestion: Liquid forms enhance medicinal action for indigestion.
  • Antioxidant Powerhouse: Rich in vitamin C, targets and suppresses cancer stem cells.
  • Liver & Gallbladder Guardian: Berberine cleanses the liver, promotes healthy digestion, and alleviates gastrointestinal issues.