Pistachio in Tin/Wooden Box

$43.98 USD


500 Grams of Salted Pistachio in a fancy Tin/ Wooden Box.


Net Weight of Pistachio: 500 grams.


Ingredients: Pistachio, Sea Salt, Citric Acid


This pistachio gift box is truly unique. The box is based on an Iranian Khatam wood design. The package is filled with our premium Iranian pistachios roasted inside a traditional roasting machine to give the traditional taste we are famous for. You can simply taste the difference in Tavazo's roasting techniques from other competitors. Our pistachios are hand selected to ensure the highest quality. You can request any of our gift packages to be filled with any dried nuts or dried fruits of your desire. Please contact us and we will make your own customized gift package using over 100 different dried nuts and dried fruits. 


Health benefits of pistachios:

If pistachios are consumed in moderation it can aid weight loss. The nuts are filled with fiber and protein which decrease appetite and keep you feeling full longer. Pistachios are good for the heart, they lower cholesterol levels and help keep a healthy blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. Pistachios have many antioxidants like vitamin C and E that help fight cell damaging free radicals in the body that are responsible for causing premature ageing.