Tea-Ara Loose Tea In Can - Many Flavours

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TEA-ARA’s mission is to deliver the unique tradition of Eastern tea blends that used to be traded on the Silk road back in 210 BCE to the most discerning tea lovers with supreme quality. The ingredients of our exclusive and specialty blends are all hand-picked from the highest quality herbs and fruits of exotic climates; tested to perfection by our expert tea sommeliers to deliver a different and exceptional experience.



Tea Ara Selection Consists of: Turquoise Palace, The Noble One, Dawn's Dew, Magic Carpet, Te Moruno, The Ixir, Citronella, Queen's Tea. 

Turquoise Palace Ingredients: The ingredients used in this blend are hibiscus, marshmallow flower, verbena, lime, pink rose buds, yellow rose buds, orange flower, chamomile, borage, lavender, lemon balm, and linden leaves.

The Noble One Ingredients: Single origin black tea and bergamot flavouring.

Dawn's Dew Ingredients: Single origin black tea from Sri lanka.

Magic Carpet Ingredients: Hibiscus, Rosehip, Dried fruit (Papaya, Pineapple, Mango, Raisin, Orange Peel) and natural flavouring.

Te Moruno Ingredients: High quality green tea and dried mint.

The Ixir Ingredients: Persian green tea is furled in rose blooms, hence it has a delicious fine rose flavour.

Citronella Ingredients: Green tea, lemon grass and natural lemon grass flavouring. 

Queen's Tea Ingredients: dried quince.  


Size: Dawn's Dew 120 gr, The Ixir 100 gr, Turquoise Palace 65 gr, Magic Carpet 150 gr, Citronella 100 gr, The Noble One 120 gr, Te Moruno 100 gr, Queen's Tea 70 gr.

Packaged in Canada.