Hobby Chocolate Bar

$1.99 USD


Hobby Chocolate Bars


Net weight: 25 gr. Per Bar 



Hobby Chocolate Bar with Hazelnut has been offering the perfect harmony of chocolate and hazelnut pieces since our childhood. You can feel the irresistible taste of hazelnut from the first bite, and you carry the taste of its meeting with chocolate in your palate for a long time. Even its delicious smell is enough to take you to your childhood. You will never get enough of this taste.



Contains vegetable oil, wheat flour, skimmed milk powder, sugar, cocoa powder, hazelnut, emulsifier, salt



You can melt Ulker Hobby Chocolate Bar with Hazelnut and add it to your desserts. You can also divide it into small pieces and add it to your ice cream or coffee. Thus you can prepare Hobby Chocolate Bar with Hazelnut ice creams and different coffees for your friends and guests.




It can contain hazelnut and gluten. Attention should be paid to situations that may cause an allergic reaction.