Sunflower Seeds (Golpar Roasted)

$13.99 USD


Experience the irresistible crunch and delectable flavor of our premium Sunflower Seeds Roasted with Golpar. Crafted with care and culinary expertise, each bite of these sunflower seeds will transport you to new heights of taste sensation. Our carefully selected Golpar spice, known for its distinct citrusy and slightly bitter notes, adds a captivating depth to the already delicious seeds.

We take great care in the roasting process, ensuring that each seed is perfectly crisp and satisfying with every bite. The infusion of Golpar creates a tantalizing twist, enhancing the natural nuttiness of the sunflower seeds with tangy citrus and aromatic spices. Whether you're on the move, looking to elevate your salads, or simply seeking a guilt-free indulgence, our Sunflower Seeds Roasted with Golpar will satisfy your cravings in the most delightful way.

Ingredients: Iranian Sunflower Seeds, Salt, Golpar, Citric Acid