Salted Shelled Mixed Nuts

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Indulge in Tavazo's exquisite blend with our Salted Shelled Mixed Nuts—a symphony of flavors that is sure to ignite your taste buds—featuring salted shelled pistachios, almonds, cashews, shelled pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, shelled watermelon seeds, roasted Brazilian nuts, and roasted macadamias, our mix nuts going to be a great combination of all-natural nuts. Each nut is perfectly salted, creating a delightful harmony of taste and an excellent choice for the ultimate snacking experience. Beyond these, our mix is packed with protein, heart-healthy fats, and essential minerals, making it a wholesome treat that caters to your well-being.

Tavazo's Famous Mix of Salted Shelled Pistachios, Salted Shelled Almonds, Salted Shelled Cashews, Salted Shelled Pumpkin Seeds, Shelled Hazelnuts, Shelled Salted Watermelon Seeds, Roasted Brazilian Nuts, Roasted Macadamias.

Ingredients: Pistachios, Almonds, Cashews, Shelled Pumpkin Seeds, Hazelnuts, Shelled Watermelon Seed, Salt, Citric Acid, Roasted Brazilian Nuts, Roasted Macadamias

Key Features:

  • Roasted to Perfection: Roasted in-house to ensure perfect taste.
  • Perfectly Salted: Each nut is meticulously salted for enhanced flavor.
  • Wholesome Snacking: Provides protein, heart-healthy fats, and essential minerals.
  • Protein Power: Supports muscle health and provides sustained energy.
  • Heart-Healthy Fats: Contributes to cardiovascular well-being.
  • Mineral Fusion: A mix of essential minerals for overall health.

Why wait? Elevate your snacking routine with our Salted Shelled Mixed Nuts' delightful taste and nourishing benefits.

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