Raw Mamra Almonds - Mamaei

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Let your taste buds indulge in the natural goodness of Raw Almonds from Iran, a delectable snack bursting with wholesome flavor and nourishment. Our shelled Iranian almonds are rich in essential nutrients like fiber, protein, and antioxidants, offering a delightful treat that supports your overall well-being. Each almond is packed with goodness, promoting strong bones, enhancing brain activity, and aiding in weight management. You can enjoy them straight out of the pack for a satisfying crunch or incorporate them into your favorite recipes for added texture and nutrition.  

Ingredients: Shelled Iranian Almonds.

Key Features:

  • Raw and Unprocced: Raw almonds preserve their natural flavor and nutritional benefits.
  • Versatile Usage: Versatile for snacking or culinary creations.
  • Heart-Healthy: Supports heart health and lowers cholesterol.
  • Weight Control: Aids in weight management and promotes satiety.
  • Nutrients Rich: Rich in essential nutrients like Vitamin E and magnesium.
  • Antioxidants Powerhouse: Provides antioxidants for immune support.
  • Bone Support: Strengthens bones and teeth with phosphorus and calcium.