Mamra Almonds Roasted & Salted - Premium

$17.99 USD


Cravings? Indulge your taste buds in the delightful taste of our Premium Mamra Almonds. These roasted almonds are sourced from Afghanistan and meticulously dry-roasted and lightly salted for an exquisite crunch. Whether enjoyed straight out of the bag as a wholesome snack or added to your favorite recipes, these almonds will elevate every bite. With each satisfying crunch, our salted almonds delight the taste buds and nourish the body from within. They are packed with essential nutrients, including fiber and protein, offering a nutritious boost to your daily diet. Moreover, their rich antioxidant content supports immune health and protects against oxidative stress.

Ingredients: Almond, salt, citric acid.

Key Features:

  • Expertly Roasted: Dry-roasted to perfection for optimal flavor.
  • Subtle Salting: Lightly seasoned for a balanced taste.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for snacking or culinary applications.
  • Nutrient-rich: High in fiber and protein for sustained energy.
  • Antioxidant Protection: Helps combat oxidative stress and supports immune function.
  • Bone and Brain Health: Contains phosphorus, riboflavin, and L-carnitine for solid bones and cognitive function.
  • Weight Management: Promotes satiety and aids in weight loss efforts.
  • Heart Health: Supports cardiovascular health with its unsaturated fat content.